A True Love Always cares...

A True Love Always cares...

A True love Story:

A boy Loves his gf so much,
But one day his gf get dies,
Then from that day he always have tears in his eyes,
Many people gives him sympthy,
But there is no Reaction over his tears,
One day the boy saw a dream,
he saw his gf with a lots of girls there,
Bt he notice one thing.....

That every girls have a candle in her hand,
Every candle is lightened except his gf,
He asks his gf,
Why Your candle is unlightened ?

His gf replies that,
Every time when I lightened my candle....
Your drop of tears fall over it 'n make it unlightened.. !

So, Please stop crying......

Means A True Love Always cares... !