I Will be here waiting for you...

You've let me down,
You've let me believe,
You've walked away 'n You let me grieve.
You told me your life, 'n I told you mine,
We told each other everything would be fine.

Secret loving was the game that we played,
Leaving Me with a Heart now frayed.

You had your chance,
You had to decide, Once again you chose him, It killed me inside.
I am not Brave enough to tell You,
I'm not Strong enough to Walk Away,
You will know in Time,

Hopefully One Day.....

One day your gonna realize what You really Missed,
The way you took My heart 'n Crushed it in Your Fist ... ♥ ♥

Its sad that I am so vulnerable to You,
After all You put Me through.
But I cant walk away, Your all that I want,
so I will wait until I have our love to flaunt.

So I guess I'll be another One to add to the list,
but at least this time,
I'll take my heart from your fist I know One day well come through so when You finally wake up,
I'll be here waiting for you ... ♥ ♥ !!