best joke on INDIAN cricket team performance in England...


"Why you lost to England?"

Dhoni: How many time we will win? let other to win too! Wyse bhi mere ko hotel jani ki Jaldi rahti hai.....
Sachin: Because we tied the world match, so here we need to lose na!...
Dravid: Why i shall speak? i had made 2 centuries.......
Laxman: This team is not the Australian team so we lost.....

"Sachin hey why you didn't made your 100th 100 ha why?"
Sachin:"well, i was watching tennis and thinking why should i play cricket i like tennis....yea that i like tennis..."


Petrol - 73
Sachin - 99

Who will Reach 100 first??

Reporter to Harbhazan "aapko apni performance pe kuchh kahna hai?"
Harbhazan- "oye koi performance diya ho to kuchh bolu......"

After winning the match England player were enjoying the party.
Suddenly Bell saw one from team INDIA. He calls "Hey who are you?"
Dhoni removed his cover say "forgot i bring you ha... i also have contribution"
Bell "ok come on yaar enjoy"
Dhoni opening door "oye! pantar log aajao tumne bhi to inki jeet me yogdan diya hai"
All INDIAN players came and enjoyed the party and English were amazed

Yuvraj singh se kisi ne puchha "yaar tum to man of the seires the world cup me phir team England main kyu har gayi?"
Yuvi replied "yaar hum sirf desh me hi jeet sakte hai videsh me nahi!"

What is favorite place where INDIAN player go?
Ans: In and Out. As they cam in the pitch to go out.