A Boy and Girl mets after they Broke Up...

A Boy and Girl mets after they Broke Up...
Boy: hi
Girl: HI…how you doing ?
but in heart ****( Are your Okay ? )
Boy: am doing great(not fine at All without You)……
Boy: what about you ?
Girl: Am doing perfect….(but Dieing Inside)
Boy: That’s Good ( I Know what’s Going ON You )
Girl: So…..?
Boy : So what else ??
Girl: your new girlfriend is pretty (i bet that she stole your heart)
Boy: yeah she is ( but you still the most beautiful girl i know)
Girl: i heard she is funny and amazing (all the stuff i wasn’t)
Boy: for sure she is ( but she is nothing compared to you)
Girl: i bet you know everything about her by now (like how you know everything about me)
Boy: only the stuff that count (i can’t remember what she says when i think of you)
Girl: well i hope you last (cause we never did )
Boy: i hope we do too (whatever happened to me and you)
Girl: well i got to go (before i start to cry)
Boy: yeah me too (I hope you don’t Cry Cause I cant see You cry)
Girl: bye (i still love you Boy: Bye………….. Later. :( i never stopped Loving you ) Never Keep your Feeling in your Heart...
Alwayz express it before you loose everything.. !