Give Sometime to your beloved one...

Give Sometime to your beloved one...
RS 20 Is a Huge Amount If You Have To Give it To A Needy,
A Small Amount When You Want To Give A TIP In a Hotel !!

3 Minutes Appear To be So Long When You have To Close Your Eyes And Think About God !!!
3 Hours Are So Small When You Have To Watch A Movie !!

We Don't Feel Tired In Doing Work Out In Gym After Working All Day !!
But We Feel Tired When Our Parents Ask Us For Help When We Return From Work !!

We Wait Entire Year For valentines Day To Come !! But We Can Not Stand In a Queue For Our Turn !!

On Facebook We Keep Poking And Sending Message To the Person Of Opposite Sex...
If A Childhood Friend Of Same Sex Sends A Friend Request, We Accept It After Days... !

We Will Love To Share A Love Story On Facebook !!
But Will Not Like To Share This Post On Our Wall !!!

Lets Break This Trend...
'n Understand that There Are Few Things That Is Important Even If It Does Not Appear Important To Us.. !