I am sitting here alone...

I am sitting here alone...
I am sitting here alone realizing you’re gone.
I know I can’t change things
I know I was wrong.
They all say I don’t need you,
They all say I’m better off,
They don’t understand I love you.
Yet i never said it enough
I regret what I did
But I cant take it back.
Wish I could hold you,
I want you back.
I know you deserve better,
I know I’m messed up but can’t go on without you
I miss you so much
Baby I’m sorry; I know I said it before
I mean it more than ever
Knowing our love’s now behind a closed door
I didn’t realize what I had till I lost you
My heart bleeds inside, I can’t forget you.

Can’t you find it in your heart to forgive me?
Love me once again,
Tell me everything’s alright
Tell me it’s not the end?

Yet I know the end is now,
I know you’ll never love me again
I’m sorry baby that I was the one to let you down.. !