why did you leave me...

why did you leave me...?

Why did you leave me?
I thought you love me
I thought you said you’ll be mine forever
I thought you promise me you’ll never gonna leave me
Now that your gone
Everyone is coming after you
They all want you, but I still love you
What you gonna do?
Will you love me again or find other one?
How if I ask you out again?
Would you say Yes or No?
I have a lot of question to ask, but I know you cant answer them
Why do you need to leave me if you said I LOVE YOU, so many times to me.
I want you to be my angel, to be my God
To be my teacher 'n to be my Everything 'n I want you to go back on my arms
I’m not like this before, you change me so much
Why do you need to leave me?
Why life need to be so complicated?
The more you love someone the more they hurts you
Isn’t life sucks?
I cannot longer hold your Presence
I cannot longer kiss your lip
I cannot be with you forever,
If you choose to say Goodbye.. !