15 Signs You’re Just Friends...

1. He invites you to be his “plus 1” at a wedding because “he couldn’t find a date-date.”

2. He thinks it’s hilarious when his parents ask when you two are finally going to start dating.

3. The most romantic thing he’s said to you in months is: “I’ll be your wingman any time you need one.”

4. He asks for relationship advice.

5. When you go to movies, he likes to keep a seat open between you so you “have more space.”

6. He asks you to edit his online dating profile.

7. He typically calls you by your last name.
8. When you wear a low-cut shirt, he doesn’t even take a peek at your cleavage.

9. He introduces you as his “sister from another mister.”

10. He does #2 at your place and doesn’t even bother lighting a match.

 He asks you to set him up with one of your girlfriends.

12. He introduces you to his hottest friend and doesn’t even warn you that “he’s such a player.”

13. He checks out other girls in your presence all the time.

He de-tags himself in a picture you posted of the two of you on Facebook, explaining, “I don’t want other chicks to think we’re together.”

15. He names his dog after you.