I believe in us...

I believe in us...

I know that I don't always say the right things
If I could I'd lift you up on angel's wings
You deserve every shred of joy you receive
Everytime I look in your eyes I always believe
That everything is going to be fine
As long as I keep walking this line
I don't fear the future as long as it's with you
Holding your h'n I will always pull through

This feeling inside is hard to describe
I want to be there when you need me
Emotions like this are not free
Sometimes it's like I don't have a clue
But in this moment I promise to be true
I could never do anything to cause you pain
So right behind you I will always remain
If you stumble I want to be the one
To pick you back up 'n together we can run

Trust me when I say you are meant to be so much more
I'll be waiting when you walk through that door
Being apart from you just drives me insane
I love to just think about you 'n st'n in the rain
Although I'm not one to cry
Just thinking about you brings a tear to my eye
When you need me just turn around
I'll hold you until you are strong
My love for you knows no bounds...!