I love you all...

My name will never be as important as the message
that I have delivered I know you wonder why I am so warm hearted.
I’m this way because of my love for life.
My message today is as it was Yesterday this is your life no one can live it for you. So take a good look at yourself and let the pass be your gateway to a better tomorrow.
Love who you are 'n don’t worry about what others may say about you
because nine out of ten they are having problems trying to define themselves.

I’m not a messenger of God just a simple man that truly knows the value of life. You have a right to be here
'n A right to be happy though some days will be darker than others…

You will Prevail !
Stand Strong my friends Love it, Live it, laugh it, breathe it…
Its yours never let anyone take this from you!!! I love you all.. !!