The Love Of A Mother...

The Love Of A Mother...
The Love Of A Mother
The pride of a man breaks down,
Sick and despondent when he is!
And pathetically pinned on a weary bed.

Then,ah!what a consolation he gets
When appears his loving mother beside him.

The divine soul that looked after him,
From childhood and brought him up,
Administering to his helplessness.

Vividly he sees the enduring tenderness
In the love of a Mother to her son,

A love that transcends all other
Affections of the heart!
His selfishness,the ingratitude
And all other unworthy deceitful attitudes,
Cannot chill,weaken or reduce
Her affection to her beloved son.

Ready she is to sacrifice every comfort
For the enjoyment of her son;
Every pleasure she will reject
Willingly for the sake of his happiness!
How ecstatic she is in his fame and prosperity!

When misfortune befalls him
Dearer he is to his mother!

If disgrace settles upon him
She will still cherish and love him.

If all the world castshim off,
All the world she will be to him!

The mother loves her child,
Surely more than her life;
And more than all the mores.

When he grows up,
Into pits of bad habits
Perhaps he may fall
And in a drunken or drug addicted state,
He may even cut off her head
And hold it up as if in a revenge!

Then,on such an occasion,
The poor weeping eyes of the head
Seem to ask her victorious son',

''My dear,is the weight of the head,
Too heavy for your hands?
Are you too tired of holding
This unfortunate,unworthy head?''

Oh!can anyone measure the depth
Of the mother's love to her son?

Can we feel the beauty,sanctity
And solemnity of this inborn love?

How indebted a son is to her mother-
A debt that he can never clear in his life!