Always Appreciate Your Current Situation...

Always Appreciate Your Current Situation...
First, I was dying to finish my high school 'n start college.
'n then I was dying to finish college 'n start working.

Then I was dying to marry 'n have children.
'n then I was dying for my children to grow old enough so I could go back to work.

But then I was dying to retire.
'n now I am dying...

'n suddenly I realized...
I forgot to live.

Please don't let this happen to you.
Appreciate your current situation 'n enjoy each day.

................ old friend

To make money we lose our health,
'n then to restore our health we lose our money...
We live as if we are never going to die,
'n we die as if we ever lived.. !

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I Have Best Mom In The World...

I Have Best Mom In The World...
‎6 years: Mom knows everything !
8 years: Mom knows a lot !
12 years: Mom really doesn't know everything !
14 years: Mom knows nothing !
16 years: Mom, what mom !
18 years: Mom is outdated !
25 years: Maybe Mom knows!
35 years: Before deciding, let's ask Mom!
45 years: I wonder what Mom thinks!
75 years: I wish.Mom was here to ask!

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I want you to...

I want you to

I want you to hug me when I get scared.....

I want you to kiss me when I act like a kid....

I want you to care for me when I'm sick....

I want you to listen to me when I wanna say something....

I want you to understand my silence
when I don't have words to express what I feel....

I want you to be there when I need a friend....

I want you to love me for what I'm. 'n above all

I want you to complete me.. !

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The Perfect Example of True Love...

The Perfect Example of True Love...
Husband comes home drunk and breaks some crockery,
vomits and falls down on the floor...♥
Wife pulls him up and cleans everything.

Next day wen he gets up he expects her to be really angry with him....
He prays that they should not have a fight..♥
He finds a note near the table...♥

"Honey..your favorite breakfast is ready on the table,
i had to leave early to buy grocery... ♥
i'll cum running back to you, my love.
I love you. ..."♥

He gets surprised and asks his son..,
'what happened last night..?' ♥

Son told...,"

when mom pulled you to bed and tried
removing your boots and shirt..
you were dead drunk and you said......" ♥

" Hey Lady ! Leave Me Alone...
I 'm Married !!!"

That's True Love.. !! :)

Accept who you are....

Accept who you are....
I might not be someone's first choice,
but I am a great choice.

I May not be Rich,
But I am Valuable.

I don't pretend to be someone I'm not,
because I'm good at being me.

I might not be proud of some of the things I've done in the past,
but I'm proud of who I am today.

I may not be perfect,
but I don't need to be.

I am the way God made me.
Take me as I am or watch me as I walk away.. !

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A Collection of Swami Vivekananda Quotes - Dedicated to Swami Vivekananda -(1863-1902)

Swami Vivekananda Quotes
Swami Vivekananda is one of the most eminent personalities of India. He was born in Kolkata on 12th of January 1863. His father was Visvanatha Datta and his mother was Bhubaneshwari. His original name was Narendranath.

Here are few Quotes Dedicated to Swami Vivekananda on 151th Birthday Anniversary...

All differences in this world are of degree, and not of kind, because oneness is the secret of everything.

All the powers in the universe are already ours. It is we who have put our hands before our eyes and cry that it is dark.

As different streams having different sources all mingle their waters in the sea, so different tendencies, various though they appear, crooked or straight, all lead to God.

Condemn none: if you can stretch out a helping hand, do so. If you cannot, fold your hands, bless your brothers, and let them go their own way.

External nature is only internal nature writ large.

GOD is to be worshipped as the one beloved, dearer than everything in this and next life.

If faith in ourselves had been more extensively taught and practiced, I am sure a very large portion of the evils and miseries that we have would have vanished.

If money help a man to do good to others, it is of some value; but if not, it is simply a mass of evil, and the sooner it is got rid of, the better.

In one word, this ideal is that you are divine.

Never think there is anything impossible for the soul. It is the greatest heresy to think so. If there is sin, this is the only sin; to say that you are weak, or others are weak.

Our duty is to encourage every one in his struggle to live up to his own highest idea, and strive at the same time to make the ideal as near as possible to the Truth.

Take up one idea. Make that one idea your life - think of it, dream of it, live on that idea. Let the brain, muscles, nerves, every part of your body, be full of that idea, and just leave every other idea alone. This is the way to success.

That man has reached immortality who is disturbed by nothing material.

The moment I have realized God sitting in the temple of every human body, the moment I stand in reverence before every human being and see God in him - that moment I am free from bondage, everything that binds vanishes, and I am free.

The more we come out and do good to others, the more our hearts will be purified, and God will be in them.

The Vedanta recognizes no sin it only recognizes error. And the greatest error, says the Vedanta is to say that you are weak, that you are a sinner, a miserable creature, and that you have no power and you cannot do this and that.

The will is not free - it is a phenomenon bound by cause and effect - but there is something behind the will which is free.

The world is the great gymnasium where we come to make ourselves strong.

Truth can be stated in a thousand different ways, yet each one can be true.

We are what our thoughts have made us; so take care about what you think. Words are secondary. Thoughts live; they travel far.

When an idea exclusively occupies the mind, it is transformed into an actual physical or mental state.

Where can we go to find God if we cannot see Him in our own hearts and in every living being.

You cannot believe in God until you believe in yourself.

You have to grow from the inside out. None can teach you, none can make you spiritual. There is no other teacher but your own soul.

An angel kiss my tears away...

An angel kiss...

An Angel kissed my tears away 
today when I was sad. 
I wasn't feeling quite myself 
my day had been so bad 

I felt a warmth brush by me 
that quickly dried my tears 
A gentle, kind, 'n loving touch 
that seemed to hold me near 

Immediately, I felt so much better 
'n the day seemed brighter, too 
I guess that's just the way you feel 
when an Angel comforts you...!

Life is so strange...

Life is so strange...
Life is so strange.
Sometimes you imagine it, to be so lonely.
Sometimes you feel its crowded. Even if its crowded,

People around you don't matter
and the people who matter are not around.
So in a way, your lonely again.

Why is life so strange?
Why does it always happen? 
Why cant we figure it out?
Why doesn't any plan works as we want it to be?

How do we get the answers of all these questions?
Who will answer me?

Dedicated to All Mothers...

!~! Dedicated to All Mothers ♥ !~!
She Works 24 hours a Day..!
She's a Mum
She's an Alarm Clock
A Cook
A Maid
A Teacher
A Nanny
A Nurse
A Driver
A Handyman
A Security Officer
A Photographer
A Counselor
A Comforter

She doesn't get Holidays, Sick Pay or Days Off..!!
She Works through the Day and Night,
And gets Paid in Hugs and Kisses....

Love You Mom.. !

Falling in Love is the best thing in Life...

Falling in Love is the best thing in Life..
Love is when -
He starts getting serious about his Life,
'n she stops Thinking about It..

He Starts Saving Money to Spend only for Her,
'n She never stops Spending on herself..

He Stops Smoking, Drinking just for Her,
'n She starts Alarming about not to have Them..

He starts Getting Crazy on her Every Move,
'n She starts Realising how Beautiful is she for Someone..

He starts Telling her every Little Thing,
'n she starts Talkng about Useless Things..

He stops Sleeping just to have a little talk with her,
'n she starts Sacrificing her Sleep just to Let Him do so..

He starts Taking her as if she is his wife,
'n she starts Learning to Cook Food just to Prove it True..

He stops looking at other Girls,
'n she starts Getting Serious about her Own Looks.

He Gets Emotional while Reading this Text,
'n she Smiles for the Same.

Falling in Love is the best thing in Life..!

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What Makes Me Happy...

What Makes Me Happy...
We girls:-
- Take a walk in the house with a toothbrush. :)

- Read the text on the shampoo bottle in the shower. :)

- Laugh at our jokes when we didn't tell it to the others yet. :)

- We can read something 10 times without understanding it. :)

- Push the door when it clearly says"PULL" . :)

- We ask "what?" when we clearly understand everything. :)

- Hate it when the wind messes our hair up... . :)

- Look in the fridge 10 times without eating anything. :)

- Have to call our own phones to find it. :)

- Check the time on our phones without knowing the time later on. :)

- Standing at the fridge section in the stores without knowing what we are looking for. :)

- Turning our pillow around so we sleep on the cold side. :)

- Set the alarm earlier in the morning so we can stay in bed for longer. :)

- When we stay up late we count how many hours of sleep we will get. :)

- Smiling While Reading This :)
These random things makes me Happy Being A Girl ^_^

My precious friend ...

My precious friend ...

We all need someone
To talk to in our life
A friend to whom we run
In times of stress or strife

A friend who is always there
Throughout the years
A friend we know will care
And take away our fears

A friend who is always near
Waiting for our call
To wipe away our tears
And lift us when we fall

A loving friend indeed
On whom we can depend
To fulfill our every need 
Thank you precious friend...!

Someone special...

Someone special...

Someone to lean on
Someone to love
With arms wide open
You offer a hug

Someone to cry with
Laugh with and smile
Someone to make 
Every moment worthwhile

When times get rough
And my world falls apart
You are someone I run to
You offer your heart

From tearful shoulders
To stomach-aching laughs
You are someone I need
And someone everyone should have

You are someone who can always 
Show me the brighter side
And I can always tell you 
What I feel inside

Someone to be thankful for
Someone to never forget
You are someone special I will always love...!

Why god gave us friends...

Why god gave us friends...

GOD Knew That Everyone Needs
Companionship 'n Cheer
He Knew That People Need Someone
Whose Thoughts Are Always Near

He Knew They Need Someone Kind
To Lend A Helping Hand
Someone To Gladly Take The Time
To Care 'n Understanding

GOD Knew That We All Need Someone
To Share Each Happy Day
To Be A Source Of Courage
When Troubles Come Our Way

Someone To Be True To Us
Whether Near Or Far Apart
Someone Whose Love We'll Always
Hold 'n Treasure In Our Hearts

That's Why God Gave Us Friends.. !

I just want one more day with you...

I just want one more day with you...

I'm so sad 'n depressed
Is all I want to do is rest
I go to sleep at night
But my dreams I just can't fight

I think of you lying in that bed
'n wonder if there is anything I could have said
I wish you were still here
But I know that you are still near

I love you more than you know
I just wish you didn't have to go
I just want one more day with you
'n I know thats what you would have wanted too

I miss you more 'n more each day
There is so much more we had to say
I know I will see you again
But my life is just started to begin...!

Love of my life...

Love of my life...

Like the stars in the sky
I am calling to you

From the heavens above
I am looking for you

In the depths of my soul
I will live 'n breathe for you

Sadness dwells inside yo
you have nothing to fear

for I am next to you
I can feel your sadness

Let me be sad for you
so you will feel love once again

Worry not about life
let me worry for you

You should always love life
for it is a part of you

I will be there when you fall
to catch you 'n say I Love You...!