A Soldier's Love Story...

I was 19 and you were 23.
You were serving at an unit near my home.
I don't know what happened to us as we exchanged looks at the raising day of your unit.

The next very moment you came closer by and asked me
if I was interested in dancing with you.
I said yes, and off we went to the dance floor.
As we started dancing romantic songs started playing,
you caught me by my waist and I by your shoulder.
We started talking and your constant staring at me made me blush. After the dance and dinner got over,
it was time for me to leave but then you asked my number.
I gave you mine and everyday we started talking to each other.

The day came for you that you got transferred.
The night before you left, you told me that you fell in love the very first day you saw me.
I cried because you were going far away from me.
We were in two different states but kept in touch.

Few years later we got engaged.
After our engagement you had to leave for the terror stroked Kashmir, promising that you would be back on our wedding day.

I was eagerly waiting for the day to come.
One day a Phone came from your regiment saying that you became a martyr in the battle ground.
I cried my heart out but then had to be strong because I was mentally aware that this can happen. Baby,
I know wherever you are watching me write this.
I just want to tell you that I love you. And miss you a lot.

---In memory of Someone special