God said to me...

Do not worship me, for I am not an idol
Do not adore me, for I am not your lover
Do not fear me, for I am not a tyrant
Do not pray to me, for I can not help you
Do not build me temples, for I am the atoms and the stars
Do not spread my word, for my voice is everywhere
Do not follow prophets, for I have no messengers
Do not give me your possessions, give them to the needy
Do not confess your sins, I already know them
Do not sing to me, for I am the true song
Do not place animals below you, for they are part of me
Do not vilify sex, for I have given you sexual desire
Do not claim any writings as my word, for my words can not be written
Do not kill others in my name, for I am life itself
Do not spread hate in my name, for I am love itself
Do not try to get into heaven, for I have given you the heavens already
Do not talk about my kingdom, for I am not a king
Do not accept a savior, accept yourself
Do not seek forgiveness, forgive others
Do not kneel before me, for I want to see you eye to eye
Do love your neighbor Do help the sick and poor
Do respect the weak and the feeble Be tolerant of others
I have created all humanity
Black and white Believer and Non-believer
Heterosexual and Homosexual
Respect them all, they are all my children
I am the Alpha and the Omega
I am the light and the darkness
I am life and I am death
I neither die nor resurrect
Don’t wait for my return, for I never left