If somebody has insulted you...

If somebody has insulted you,
feel thankful to him that he has given you an opportunity to feel a deep wound.
He has opened a wound in you.
The wound may be created by many many insults that you have suffered in your whole life;
he may not be the cause of all the suffering,
but he has triggered a process.

Just close your room, sit silently, with no anger for the person
but with total awareness of the feeling that is arising in you
— the hurt feeling that you have been rejected, that you have been insulted.
And then you will be surprised that not only is this man there:
All the men and all the women and all the people that have ever insulted you will start moving in your memory.

You will start not only remembering them,
you will start reliving them.
You will be going into a kind of primal.

Feel the hurt, feel the pain, don’t avoid it.
That’s why in many therapies the patient is told not to take any drugs before the therapy begins,
for the simple reason that drugs are a way to escape from your inner misery.
They don’t allow you to see your wounds, they repress them.
They don’t allow you to go into your suffering
'n unless you go into your suffering, you cannot be released from the imprisonment of it.. !