I seem to lose all the confidence,
and I can’t keep any defense,
All I look out is for some healing,
for emptiness and lonely feeling..!!

My words are turned into deep sigh,
as I fill my heart with tears I cry,
I don’t know if this is real or not,
but emptiness is all I’ve got..!!

I cannot find anything to say or do,
This pain is something I never knew,
things get worse and out of control,
as emptiness reaches to my soul..!!

They strike hard inside, like a sharp dart,
The broken pieces of my dreams and heart,
I never imagined myself being this weak,
because emptiness has reached to its peak..!!

This fear and solitude keeps growing,
the stains of which have started showing,
I try my best to put a stop to that,
this emptiness becomes difficult to laugh at..!!

The words they always said, I now believe,
love means nothing and people always leave,
Loving you was nothing but foolishness,
and I lost everything but this emptiness..!!