Was that you or just a false dream...

I remember when I saw you first,
Your smile was water to my thirst,
My heart moved away with love’s stream,
You meant to me more than just a dream.!!

My feelings got worse with an internal fight,
I could not stop thinking about you all night,
I asked, is it love?, Who would deem?,
Or should I forget it just like a dream..??

I gathered courage and started to walk,
dialed your number and decided to talk,
My words were not good enough to mean,
you have become more than Just a dream..!!

You entered my life and it was full of glory,
being with you made my life a perfect story,
Our romance heated up to its extreme,
I thought I was living a perfect dream..!!

I was alone again as I reached dawn,
It broke my heart when I found you gone,
My days went black and night on blue theme,
I did not sleep to avoid any other dream..!!

Its you I still love and may always need,
but you followed your shallow greed,
I know who you have is better and supreme,
I wonder whats worse, reality or my dream..!!

I waited for you every night and day,
Thought all the hopes have now flown away,
I woke up everyday with loud screams,
as My heart bleeds due to broken dreams..!!

I wonder now whats false and whats true,
Did I lost my faith on love, or on you,
All that you did or you tried to seem,
Was that you or just a false dream..!