What is Prayer...

The real meaning of Prayer is not to ask something from GOD, its to thank him for whatever we have received till date.

As we already know & he himself has said that he is already there with us & looking after us. Whatever he has is ours as we are his child. So if we are his child then actually whatever he has is truly ours so why to ask for something which you already have :)

And as him being the father he knows when and how to give you access to the stuffs which he has for us. Like our Dad does / did to us. He just wont give everything to us, but then he will when we are grown up / capable enough.

So, would say get up & get going. Grow up & make your self capable enough & GOD will give you everything what is meant for you.

So now you can thank him in prayer, for what you were able to utilize from what you have got. Do it every day when you goto bed, thank him for whatever good / bad you experienced.