Without you...

I find no reason to let your memories go,
If you find one just let my heart know,
I remember the time when we were happy,
coz without you my love, I am so lonely..!!

Now I can’t hope for a better tomorrow,
and I think my life would end in sorrow,
people say that I am too blind to see, but,
without you there is no meaning of me..!!

Don’t think that I am afraid to live alone,
I just can’t live, if I can’t call you my own,
but seems I can’t make it through,
coz without you there’s nothing I can do..!!

If only there was a way to make you stay,
I’d have stopped you from walking away,
but seems like there is no going back,
without you, someday, my heart will crack..!!

To bring you back and make things same,
I would erase this and take all the blame,
but It was you, not me, who walked apart,
without you I was left with a lonely heart..!!

All day and night my heart cries out,
and tries to show what love is all about,
but, I don’t have you and no friend to listen,
that without you my heart is broken..!!

Your love has really struck me deep,
so much so, every night I can’t sleep,
coz with open eyes I see a nightmare,
without you there is no one to care..!!

I don’t wish to spend another sleepless night,
I just want your love and no more fight,
but, seems like I’ll have to miss you again,
and without you I’ll always be in pain..!!