Happy Janmashtami | Janmashtami Quotes, Wishes, Greetings - Lord Krishna Messages 2012

Krishnashtami, Gokulashtami, Srikrishna Jayanti, or Janmashtami are all words use Shree kishan kanaiya’s happy birthday. This year 2012 date for this festival is 10th August. As of Hindu calendar murli manohar janm din celebrated on Ashtami tithi Krishna Paksha of the month of Bhadrapada. Many people of India and some other countries are celebrates this day with peace such as USA, UK etc.

(1) Maakhan khave, Shor machave Gopiyo ke sang Raas rachave
Murli bajake Mann harKhave hai Natkhat Nand Gopal.
Wish U A very Happy Janmashtmi. Jai Shri Krishna.
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(2) Krishna k kadmo pe kadam badate chalo.
Ab murli nahi to citi bajate chalo.
Radha to ghar wale dilayenge hi magar
tab tak gopiya patate chalo !
Happy Janmashtami
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(3) Let’s celebrate the glory of Shri Krishna
prabhu ke sabhy pyare bhagtho ko
janmashtami ki hardik shubhkamna.
Jay shree Hare krishna.
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(4) May Lord Krishna's flute invite the melody of love into yr life.
May Radhaji's love teach not only how 2 love but 2 love eternaly.
Happy Janmashtami.
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(5) May Lord Krishna come to your house & take away
all ur Makhan – Mishri with all ur worries & sorrows.
His blessings on u & ur family.
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(6) The Day of Love and Fortune
The day of Birth of Lord Krishna
A Lover,Friend & Divine Guru
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(7) Lord Krishna said:
Whatever belongs to you today,
belonged to someone else yesterday
and it will belong to some one else tomorrow.
Don’t be illusioned by maya.
Maya is the root cause of all pain and misery.
Happy Janmashtami…!
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(8) May lord Krishna
Show you the way in your life
As he has shown the way to
Arjuna in kurukshetra
May lord Krishna bless you on your way.
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(9) The Day of Love and Fortune
The day of Birth of Lord Krishna
A Lover
Divine Guru
The day of
The Day of Jamashtami…
The Day of Lord Krishna
Happy Jamashtami Festival 2012
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(10) ‘Janma’ means birth and ‘ashtami’ means the eighth.

Janmashtami refers to the birth of Krishna,

which took place on the eighth day of the

second fortnight in the month of Sravana.
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(11) May Lord Krishna come to your house
take away all your Makhan – Mishri

with all your worries & sorrows.

Happy Janmashtami…
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(12) Lord Krishna ~ “Love is a consistent passion to give, not a meek persistent hope to receive”

Happy Janmashtmi!
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(13) “Let me offer my respectful obeisances to the Lord,
who has become the son of Vasudeva,
the pleasure of Devaki,
the boy of Nanda and the other cowherd men of Vrindavana,
and the enlivener of the cows and the senses.”
Happay Janamashtami Celebration
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More popularly Janmashtami…

This festival occurs on the eight day (Astami)
of a lunar fortnight hence the name (Krishna+astami).
Krishnastami which comes sometime in August is
celebrated over two days.
The first day is Krishnastami or Gokulastami.
The second day is called Kalastami
more popularly

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