Make a decision that...

Make a decision that,
from this moment on,
you will never be less than friendly toward yourself.

No more treating yourself like a slave.
No more putting yourself down - ever.
No more negative assumptions.
No more torment over past events that you can't change.
No more ''putting up with'' other people's abuse or unkindness.
No more postponing doing what you love most.

This will radically change the way you feel on the inside. And it will change the way that you think about other people , interpret their behavior, respond to them and act toward them.

It is impossible to see the world as a friendly place (despite the disappointments and hassles) until the world inside your own mind is also friendly.

When the old thoughts or behaviors arise , see them for what they are (tired , useless habits) and move on. They will continue to tug at you , but only as long as you pay attention.