She crept through the open window
While he was peacefully sleeping
And watched him for awhile
A smile played on her lips
Of cherry. Golden honey hair
Skin of milky soft tenderness
And while she watched him
He quietly stirred 'n murmured
He was dreaming a dream full of 
Pureness 'n innocence
As sounds of the ocean gently washed over him
As he sat happily picking up shells 
On the glittering shore
She began whispering words softly spoken
And the look of contentment on his face
Told her he was listening
In his dreams he searched for her
Almost so close but always too far away to reach her
It was almost time for her to leave
And as ever this time came too soon
But she would return to watch over him
Night after night
And he was happy to let her
Safe in the knowledge that one day he would join her
For all eternity on the glittering shore made just for them
Two star-crossed lovers,Together in harmony waiting...!