You are Everything to Me...

It doesn’t mean I can never try,
when tears come out as I cry,
My tears build a memory lane,
I keep walking, just to meet you again..!!

As I stand alone in the courtyard,
Everything in life now seems so hard,
So I ask God, every time I pray,
give me strength for one more day..!!

Since the moment we are apart,
I live with an empty and hollow heart,
My heart may not make it through,
But It just can’t stop loving you..!!

I wonder why I did not confess,
Its all your love inside, that I possess,
I don’t know if I’ll ever smile,
I just wanna be with you for a while..!!

I can keep everything aside,
But your love is something I can’t hide,
I don’t know if things can be same,
But, I know someday you’ll call my name..!!

I just wanna see your lovely face,
But, I am stuck at lonely place,
I don’t know if I will ever be free,
But, I know you’re everything to me..!!