Something From "Barfi"...

# If you are in Love, DON'T THINK..

# Feelings do not requisite for words, feelings can flow even in the world of muteness, its selfishness due to which feelings flew away even when words resides in a relation.

# It is better to have a disabled partner who will stand with you, rather than a able person who can is good at making you let down..

# Sing like no one is listening and Love like you NEVER LOST, and Dance Like no one's Watching...

# When we love we may suffer, pillows may get wet in tears but if we Don't Love Then we DON'T LIVE...

# You may have problem in expressing your feelings through words,
you may not understand the depth of things properly,
you may not listen to someone with concentration
but Love will always find its WAY OF COMMUNICATION..

#  Inner Beauty ALWAYS AND ALWAYS trumps the outer looks..
It is the Inner beauty which makes a person beautiful..

# Even if somebody is dark, ugly, bad even then Heart is always Beating in very living being..

# Love gets into the heart like a stray puppy and you will NEVER NEVER LET IT GO OUT..

# Love is not about being happy, its about making the other person happy..Its all about SELFLESSNESS..<3 <3

# Love is blind?? yes as you may get hit by the same pole again and again :D