100 Ways to Love Each Other...

I think we dream so we don’t have to be apart so long.
If we’re in each other’s dreams, we can be together all the time.

Expressing love to our partners, children, family and friends not only strengthens communication it also improves connection and intimacy. Too often we get distracted by the trivial and forget how important it is to nurture our relationships.

Finding simple, but heartfelt ways to love each other is a source of encouragement for the giver and the receiver. By loving consciously, we discover Love is the force that puts the world back together when it feels like it’s coming apart. It provides a sense of contentment and gratitude deep in our hearts and is the voice that tells us, “Everything will be okay.”

Consider these ways to love each other and help create a world where beauty and grace can fill the hearts of everyone willing to give and then receive Love’s gentle power:

  1. Don’t wait to say, “I love you.” Tell someone today, right now.
  2. Tell your child you believe in her or him.
  3. When you ask a question, listen to the answer.
  4. Leave an unexpected note.
  5. Admit when you are wrong.
  6. Do what you say you’re going to do.
  7. Be generous with compliments and judicious with complaints.
  8. Forgive, let go and move on.
  9. Smile when someone touches your heart.
  10. Prepare and share a meal together.
  11. Tell your parent one thing he or she did that inspired you.
  12. Treat a friend to lunch.
  13. Seek to understand first, before asking to be understood.
  14. Hold onto a hug one moment longer than expected.
  15. Be an encourager.
  16. Show patience, even in your busiest moment.
  17. Help a friend find something that has been lost.
  18. When someone is on your mind, pick up the phone and let them know.
  19. Tell your wife how much you love her every night.
  20. Tell your husband you are proud of him every day.
  21. Be faithful to your partner even when you think Temptation has made its case.
  22. Pray together.
  23. Turn on a light to interrupt the darkness.
  24. When asked for feedback; give it honestly, but with compassion.
  25. Never forget the love you have been given; treasure it; respect it and hold onto it.
  26. Put your child’s needs ahead of your own.
  27. Show respect and expect respect in return.
  28. Be comfortable in the silence.
  29. Grab a work-out together.
  30. Let your wife know you would marry her again.
  31. Read to your child.
  32. Extend a hand when there is a need.
  33. Make time to just play!
  34. Don’t gloat when you are right.
  35. Let them see you being vulnerable; it will validate their own vulnerability.
  36. Call your mom or dad often and offer some real insight into your life.
  37. Climb the mountain and then enjoy the view together.
  38. Never use love, or the threat of withholding love, as a weapon.
  39. Be the rock in the storm.
  40. Remember the words you use can encourage and they can hurt, too.
  41. Do the right thing, always.
  42. Be the first to stand up for your child.
  43. Look for opportunities to make a loved one’s day a little easier.
  44. Say, “Thank you.”
  45. Open your heart to receive a loved one’s best effort.
  46. Carry your friend; but know when it’s time to put him down.
  47. When angry, think about how your words will be received ten minutes into the future.
  48. Linger at the dinner table after the meal has been eaten.
  49. Know when to offer space and respect boundaries.
  50. Remember that everyone deserves a second chance.
  51. Go for a walk and leave the iPods at home.
  52. Diffuse embarrassment with laughter.
  53. Be willing to fall in love with your partner over and over.
  54. Leave work at work.
  55. Receive the compliment – it’s a gift created especially for you.
  56. Your children hear everything; give them something worth repeating.
  57. Speak your mind, but with a tender heart.
  58. Share. Honor. Trust. Love and then repeat.
  59. Provide a safe place to rest.
  60. Notice the small things and recognize them.
  61. Cover your partner with more of what they want.
  62. Trust a friend.
  63. Don’t offer or try to fix a loved one.
  64. Place your partner’s hand inside of yours.
  65. Laugh together.
  66. Call when you are running late.
  67. Watch home videos or look through family photo albums together.
  68. Take the good with the bad.
  69. Ask your child for his opinion.
  70. Save enough energy for a good-night kiss.
  71. Compliment your partner in front of others.
  72. Become the loudest cheerleader.
  73. Live in the here and now with those closest to your heart.
  74. Tell your loved ones what they mean to you.
  75. Be a model for healthy living.
  76. When your partner comes home stop what you are doing and greet her.
  77. Demonstrate self-acceptance and self-love.
  78. Wait for the “rest of the story” before coming to an opinion.
  79. Make the relationship a priority.
  80. Show your gratitude.
  81. Refrain from expecting perfection.
  82. Be generous with your most valuable resource – your time.
  83. Help a loved one to feel special on their birthday.
  84. Love each one for who they are today.
  85. Solve problems together.
  86. Let them see the real you.
  87. Cry together.
  88. Let a loved one know that he or she is making your life better.
  89. Do the unexpected.
  90. Choose true connection over mediocrity.
  91. Never insult your spouse, child and friend.
  92. Plan a family night.
  93. Know when to disconnect from the computer and re-connect.
  94. Give gifts from your heart.
  95. Acknowledge your partner’s worth.
  96. Stop trying so hard to be the perfect parent and just be who you are.
  97. Lift up your friend.
  98. Let your parents know you will continue the positive family traditions.
  99. Remember the art of patience.
  100. Simply love and love simply.