15 Tips to Live Life Without Regrets...

Life is very short,
and so we should do our best to spend our time
in a way that will make our life worth living.

I am saddened
when I see old people who feel regrets about the life they have lived.

To spend a life which is not fulfilling,
and then reach to a point where
you have no more energy to transform your life,
is the worst thing that can happen to anyone.

But how can one live without regrets?

Here is a list of 15 tips on how to live without regrets
which I have found to be of utmost importance.

If you manage to follow them,
your life will be filled with joy and deep satisfaction.

1. Take care of your body.
Always keep in mind to eat well, exercise, and have a good sleep.

2. Choose to live your own way,
instead of living the way others expect you to.

3. Think for yourself. 

Question the beliefs that have been placed upon you
and never let others think for yourself.

4. Take responsibility for your life.
Stop blaming people or situations,
and realize that you create your destiny with your thoughts and actions.

5. Learn from your everyday experiences.
Every experience has something important to teach you,
and the more you allow yourself to learn,
the more you will be able to grow.

6. Be focused on the present moment.
Always remember that only the here-and-now exists,
the future is just an illusion.

7. Take risks.
Be courageous enough to regularly challenge yourself,
transcend your limitations and expand as a human being.

8. Do what you love doing. 

Life is short,so make sure you don’t waste your time in things that don’t make you happy.

9. Be grateful to existence for what it has offered you. 

Maybe you don’t have everything,
but you have more than enough to be happy.

10. Share your love, knowledge, and presence. 

Share and you will receive more,
withhold and you will lose even what you possess.

11. Forgive others and yourself.
To understand that no person is perfect is liberating.

12. Be a participant in life rather than an observer.
Squeeze the juice out of life.

13. Do not be afraid to fall, but always be brave to stand up and try once more.

14. Always offer a helping hand to those who need it.

15. Embrace change. 

Life is a flux, so make sure you always keep on flowing with it.