26 Effective Ways to Improve Your Health and Be Happy...

Everyone wants to be happy and in good health so I decided to present in a funny yet informative way tips on how to improve health (both physical and mental) and be happy.

So here is a list of 26 ways to improve your health and be happy. I hope it helps and makes you smile.

Treat others well.
Eat Healthy Food,
Especially lots of Fruits and Vegetables.
Smile And Be Positive.
Drink plenty of water.
Use the Bathroom Regularly.
Bath Regularly.
Be yourself even if you don’t look normal.
Don’t over indulge yourself.
Enjoy the sea.
Surround yourself with those who love you.
Meditate to Achieve Mental Calmness.
Spend Time Under The Sun
Absorb Vitamin "D" From Sunlight.
Quit Smoking
Read books to keep your mind sharp.
Have a good rest to recharge your batteries.
Spend time in nature to relieve stress.
Forgive Quickly.
Control your alcohol consumption.
Stop watching TV.
Create something.
Listen to Music
Take plenty of vacations.
Be Playful.
Make Love Often.