A Walk to Remember...

If you are a fan of the author Nicholas Sparks, you will love the movie A Walk to Remember. Based on Sparks's novel by the same name, the movie is a romantic saga of love, sacrifice, and happiness. You will be touched by Mandy Moore's brilliant portrayal of Jamie. Shane West (Landon Carter) also grabs eyeballs for his passionate performance.Fall in love with these A Walk to Remember quotes.

“You can never understand why people do stupid things for love unless you, yourself, experience how it is to be in love.”

`INSPIRATION - I was so in love with him for a long time. He means everything to me. We’re like one of those couples in Nicholas Sparks’ books. He make me laugh for some non-sense reasons, his weirdness, he inspires me a lot. Indeed, I was so in love, in love with a guy I can’t even call MINE.

`FRIENDSHIP - Despite our differences, disagreements. There’s some reason why the two of us met. I could tell you he’s the only one who can make me laugh even in my worst mood. He will do anything just to cheer me up, the one I shared my secrets without being judged. We’re so close, even our parents agree on our friendship. He’s a trusted friend.

`LOVERS - He’s everything I want. There’s something about him that drives me crazy. Whenever we kiss, I was nervous but whenever he smile while we’re kissing makes me feel comfortable with him. When we slept together, the way he hug me so tight. It was the best feeling ever. It makes me feel like he never want to let go. Waking up in the morning seeing the one you love sleeping while his arms around you. Priceless moment ever! 

- It hurts like hell, watching the one you love, love someone else. When he told me he already got a Girlfriend and I was like “Congrats.” but deep inside it breaks my heart into pieces. I admit I cried, well always after the revelation. I kept asking myself, “Am I really not that good enough for him?” Everything has been changed now.

`MOVING ON - Moving on…. how can you exactly move on when you were still in love with that person? How can you move on when your true friends were his friends too? How can you move on when you were so close to his family and your family was looking for him too? How can you move on when everything around you reminds of him?

 - I’m scared of not being with him and I still can’t accept it. But I’m distancing myself from him. I know I was so wrong for letting my world revolves around with just the two of us. So I’m setting myself free, to meet others.


If the two of us wants to be together, it will take time, patience & effort. So we can create a good relationship.