Love is when...

Love is when he makes up jokes just to hear me laugh out loud.
Love is when he wants to talk to me on phone even while he is
eating so that he can share his first bite with me.
Love is when he finds all excuses to stay away from his friends on weekends
so that he can keep his head on my lap and just relax.
Love is when he keeps coming back because neither of us can get enough.
Love is when he wants to spend all his time with me even though he is surrounded by hundreds of beautiful women.
Love is when he stops what he’s doing so he can look over at me and smile.
Love is when he knocks into me just to see me smile back at him.
It’s when I can’t be angry with him longer than five seconds
Love is when he makes me feel like the most loved woman
on the planet. Love is him and me, just him and me...♥